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'Televised Testimony September 15th, 2017
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Here are the specific listing / sales transaction the Two Witness named in the UD case did with First Team. Note that the witness Jeff Allen Farr, after I conveyed the his involvement in REO transfers from the court - did not testify - Anyone whom has connections to running license plates should be able to verify "if" this is the same "Jeff" whom was caught taking naked pictures of this homeowners daughters through the window of their bedrooms.

First Team is the Real Estate Company the Head Justice at the Riverside Historical court holds a vested interest in.

Upon review Defendants noted the following discrepancies further documented by Defendants EXHIBIT 1 which also holds the specific REO property transaction conducted by Witness Joe Quinteros and Jeff Allen Farr with the Head Justice Daniel Otellio 10% vested ownership interest Real Estate Company First Team Real Estate.

    Futher Per Witness #1- Joe Quinteros depositions he was hired by US Bank for the Certificate Holders of the LXS 2007-15N trust fund not the “Plaintiff”. Jose Quinteros set forth declaration under a different party.

    BPO Valuation Course - Student Manual - Original

            Many more transactions can all be traced back to court cases in county. The Following transaction clearly evidence REO transfers of property listings in exchange for falsify evidence and/or giving testimony on behalf of the bank. These are the properties co-listed and sold back and forth after these homeowners were forced out of their homes.

            This is outlined in detail through the exhibits submitted and buried at the Federal Court. The actual spoilage of evidence can be found in EXHIBIT 5…







            Ex 6

            Ex 7

            • Joe Quinteros has co-listed the following properties with Jeff Allen Farr transacted with FIRST TEAM REAL ESTATE:
            29831 Machado - Foreclosure CW/MERS/RECON TRUST
            - previous owner court cases RIC462128 - RIC462128 - FAM162669 - RIC292615

            1043 Via Canada, San Dimas 91773 - previous owners case RIC325938
            Deutsche Bank Trust 2004-Ar4

            10 Willowood, Aliso Viejo 92656 - title history blocked

            7 Cartegena, Aliso Viejo 92656
            Deutsche Bank NA as trustee for DSLA Mortgage Loan Trust 2004-AR2
            previous owners case - 2:11-bk-26865 - 2011

            3939 Ellis St, Corona 92879 - MERS pass though
            Bank of NY Melon - previous owners case COC010827

            This is a sample run the REO listings he has held in Corona. Can you see the pattern which outlines a specific Account assigned to these Partner brokers… dating back to 2009 -

            3320 Harley Ln, Corona 92882 / Hsbc Bk Usa Na Series 2006-A5 conducted by the Mortgage Law Firm (same duly appointed trustee). previous owners case RIC1605267

            6886 Massy Harris Wy, Corona 92880 - previous owners case MVC1601397
            Bank Of Ny Mellon Series 2006-7

            3061 Huckleberry Dr, Corona 92882- CW Mers.. previous owners case RIC513516
            Bank Of Ny Mellon 2005-Hyb3

            25421 Singleleaf St, Corona 92883 previous owners case MVC1201132
            Bank Of Ny Mellon 2007-Oa10

            13768 Amberview Pl, Corona 92880 previous owners case MVC1201592
            Deutsche Bank National 2007-7

            Here is a fairly complete for Jeff and his partner
            Joe REO

            Ans for the record, I was both BPOR trained and NAIOP trained, means I can evaluate commercial property as a Broker and can recognize the antics of these two bit thugs…

            Course Evaluation Form

            Faith Lynn Brashear, am posting this online for the world to see what a corrupt judge looks like and how DEEP this goes. The Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. § 552. As Amended By Public Law No. 110-175, 121 Stat. 2524 § 552 give me this right.

            FIND OUT THE HOME IN YOUR COURT CASE BECAME AN REO LISTING THOUGH THIS COMPANY If so, it is quite possible the courts had a vested income in the outcome of your case as the Judge being exposed here reports commission income of this company through his wife licensed privilege. REO Excell Report

            There are just over 3000 listings here. As these discoveries are new, and this information is of the utmost urgency, I am breaking these out into excel format with allowable detail (i.e. general information for pubic use). First team is a franchise so not all FIRST TEAM real estates companies will fall into this category, be mindful before being spiteful. This list is specific to the office and branch offices tied to Corporate branch offices where this judges wife is employed as a sales person from where he reports commission income from. This company is already receiving a multitude of court cases in their branch office off Main Street in Corona suite 100. There is reason to suspect they are sharing these court case listings between their branches. THIS IS BEING POSTED IN THE INTEREST OF PUBLIC SAFTEY AND TO PRESERVE OUR 5TH AND 14TH CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS TO LIFE LIBERTY AND PROPERTY! IF YOU FIND YOUR HOME HERE, CONTACT THE COMMISSIONER of judges where your case was filed, then get this to DA OFFICE ASAP and write to every agency listed on this site. It is HIGH TIME we let our government and local officials know we are DONE with these DIRTY DEEDS! List of First Team Realty branch offices , The above EXCELL REO LIST is a pull ON THESE OFFICE CODES ONLY - bear in mind not all these office codes are available to me. If you have reason to suspect your home was involved in this foul play, I highly recommend investigating further with your local realtor. 11622 EL CAMINO REAL SAN DIEGO, CA 92130 OFFICE CODE: KFTM07 11622 EL CAMINO REAL 1st FLOOR SAN DIEGO, CA 92130 OFFICE CODE: KFTM07 12501 SEAL BEACH BLVD #100 SEAL BEACH, CA 90740 OFFICE CODE: S6049 OFFICE CODE: CLW-SCM1993 OFFICE CODE: CLW-SCM1951 OFFICE CODE: CLW-32000209 OFFICE CODE: CLW-SCM2059 OFFICE CODE: CLW-SCM2099 OFFICE CODE: CLW-SCM2333 OFFICE CODE: CLW-SCM2611 OFFICE CODE: CLW-32001670 OFFICE CODE: CLW-32004526 OFFICE CODE: CLW-32001598 OFFICE CODE: RFIR OFFICE CODE: H03215 OFFICE CODE: PB4438 OFFICE CODE: YFTR OFFICE CODE: KFTM05 128 AUBURN CT 108-A WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA 91361 DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO 1400 N HARBOR BLVD FULLERTON, CA 92835 OFFICE CODE: YFTE OFFICE CODE: CLW-32001559 OFFICE CODE: VCR-8716 OFFICE CODE: ITC-111159 OFFICE CODE: CLW-SCM2421 OFFICE CODE: CLW-SCM2921 OFFICE CODE: CLW-SCM2733 OFFICE CODE: PB9957 OFFICE CODE: PB4246 OFFICE CODE: OC03626 151 W WESTBRANCH ST STE B ARROYO GRANDE, CA 93420 DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO 160 N PALM CANYON DR PALM SPRINGS, CA 92262 OFFICE CODE: CLW-4153 OFFICE CODE: CDAR-D2113 16897 PACIFIC COAST HWY SUNSET BEACH, CA 90742 DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO 17240 EAST 17TH ST TUSTIN, CA 92680 OFFICE CODE: H04018 OFFICE CODE: CLW-SCM3133 OFFICE CODE: CLW-SCM3371 OFFICE CODE: CLW-SCM2207 OFFICE CODE: ITC-111126 OFFICE CODE: E933 OFFICE CODE: CDAR-D8395 OFFICE CODE: CLW-31000075 18180 YORBA LINDA BLVD STE 501 YORBA LINDA, CA 92886 OFFICE CODE: PWPB3926 OFFICE CODE: CLW-32002079 OFFICE CODE: PB8346 OFFICE CODE: KFTM04 OFFICE CODE: H04812 OFFICE CODE: IWGP01 19021 GOLDEN WEST ST HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA 92647 OFFICE CODE: PB6804 OFFICE CODE: I549 OFFICE CODE: CLW-1309 OFFICE CODE: CLW-32006132 OFFICE CODE: CDAR-D21458 200 MAIN ST STE 100 CORONA, CA 92878 OFFICE CODE: CLW-SCM2281 OFFICE CODE: KFTM02 OFFICE CODE: CLW-32006549 OFFICE CODE: PB8489 OFFICE CODE: IWGP 20100 BROOKHURST AVE HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA 92646 OFFICE CODE: PWE703 OFFICE CODE: H07700 OFFICE CODE: U6894 OFFICE CODE: G112 OFFICE CODE: CLW-32004964 OFFICE CODE: CLW-39000038 225 S LAKE AVE #300 PASADENA, CA 91101 OFFICE CODE: PB16325 245 MAIN ST SEAL BEACH, CA 90740 OFFICE CODE: G107 OFFICE CODE: CLW-32003405 25642 CROWN VALLEY RD STE D-5 LADERA RANCH, CA 92694 OFFICE CODE: J00886 27240 TURNBERRY LANE #200 VALENCIA, CA 91355 OFFICE CODE: F3810003 27451 LOS ALTOS STE 100 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92691 OFFICE CODE: LGFTM OFFICE CODE: CLW-2797 OFFICE CODE: D177 28202 CABOT RD #300 LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA 92677 DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO 29121 OVERLAND DR TEMECULA, CA 92591 OFFICE CODE: FTRE01 OFFICE CODE: D310 OFFICE CODE: CLW-MRM2847 31200 LANDAU BLVD CATHEDRAL CITY, CA 92234 OFFICE CODE: CDAR-D7949 32451 GOLDEN LANTERN STE 210 LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA 92672 OFFICE CODE : D381 OFFICE CODE: LFELN OFFICE CODE: PB9597 OFFICE CODE: CLW-32006951 OFFICE CODE: CLW-SCM2197 OFFICE CODE: VCR-8732 OFFICE CODE: LGFLN 4 CORPORATE PLAZA # 100 NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92660 OFFICE CODE: CDAR-D22684 OFFICE CODE: F3810005 OFFICE CODE: CLW-X2888 OFFICE CODE: D060 OFFICE CODE: LFES OFFICE CODE: CLW-3600120 OFFICE CODE: PB1089 OFFICE CODE: U6569 OFFICE CODE: CLW-SCM3741 OFFICE CODE: IGFTM08 4040 BARRANCA PKWY STE 100 IRVINE, CA 92714 OFFICE CODE: PB3963 OFFICE CODE: CLW-31000306 OFFICE CODE: F6497037 OFFICE CODE: PB13951 OFFICE CODE: CLW-SCM2589 OFFICE CODE: I170 407 N EL CAMINO REAL SAN CLEMENTE, CA 92672 OFFICE CODE: S9042 OFFICE CODE: S072 OFFICE CODE: LSCE OFFICE CODE: CLW-32001882 OFFICE CODE: PB15619 OFFICE CODE: SR3810006 40717 BIG BEAR BLVD BIG BEAR LAKE, CA 92315 OFFICE CODE: LFBB OFFICE CODE: CDAR-D20614 427 COLLEGE BLVD STE J OCEANSIDE, CA 92057 DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO 433 N CAMDEN 6TH FLOOR BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90210 OFFICE CODE: CLW-X7004102 OFFICE CODE: PB16323 4500 PACIFIC COAST HWY STE 100 LONG BEACH, CA 90804 OFFICE CODE: RFT2 OFFICE CODE: PB6297 OFFICE CODE: OC04022 4640 ADMIRALTY WY STE 500 MARINA DEL REY, CA 90292 OFFICE CODE: CLW-X7004101 4900 CALIFORNIA AVE TOWER B-210 BAKERSFIELD, CA 93309 DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO 525 B STREET 15TH FLOOR SAN DIEGO, CA 92101 DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO 5840 NAPLES PLAZA DR LONG BEACH, CA 90803 OFFICE CODE: H02684 74855 COUNTRY CLUB PALM DESERT, CA 92260 OFFICE CODE: CLW-6026 OFFICE CODE: CDAR-D21809 OFFICE CODE: PB15137 8028 E. SANTA ANA CANYON ROAD ANAHEIM, CA 92808 OFFICE CODE: E776 OFFICE CODE: J01331 OFFICE CODE: IGFTM09 900 E KATELLA AVE STE F ORANGE, CA 92687 DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO 900 GLENNEYRE ST LAGUNA BEACH, CA 92651 OFFICE CODE: H02673 OFFICE CODE: CLW-4221 OFFICE CODE: CLW-SCM3535 OFFICE CODE: LNOL OFFICE CODE: CLW-31000207 OFFICE CODE: PB15441

            Because We the Pro Se did not get the 2011 "Memo"

            Please Provide Executive Order to Deprive Due Process


            It was conveyed to declarant and witnessed as such that the courts were under orders to prevent homeowners from "breaking through "the judicial system.

            QUESTION #1
            Under who's orders from above to deprive homeowners their constitutionally protected due process rights, in turn enabling Civil Racketeering to be filtered through the Head Justice Judge Daniel A Ottolia vested ownership interest in First Team Real Estate in exchange for judicial favors in the form of REO transfers by members of the federalized banking industry where his wife Liz Ottolia hangs her real estate license.

            IN RE: Photos of Faith Lynn Brashear battered and bruised head to toe - video of Faith Lynn Brashear's guide dog September 2017 still limping and must now be retired.

            In RE: specific REO transaction conducted by the Superior Courts Head Justice and two Witness's outlining the fabrication/ spoilage of evidence and false testimony conducted at the Historical Riverside Court specifically transferred to that court from the Moreno Valley Unlawful Detainer courts by the Head Justice Daniel Otellia.

            In RE: Excel list of over 3000 REO properties filtered through First Team Real Estate since 2012 - When the head justice Daniel Otellia filed his California 700 form showing 10% ownership interest in First Team Real Estate listing his wife Liz Otellia as the commission source of his vested interest in said company.


            Please provide the executive order which was issued to use whatever means necessary to deprive homeowners their constitutional rights to due process of law in over 30 cities up and down the California Coast including but not limited to 29 DBA’s and 36 franchise offices located in various cities: Anaheim, Arroyo Grande, Bakersfield, Beverly Hills, Big Bear, Cathedral City, Corona, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Ladera Ranch, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Long Beach, Palm Desert, Oceanside, Marina Del Ray, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Pasadena, Palm Springs, San Clemente, San Diego, Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, Temecula, Tustin, Yorba Linda, Valencia, and Westlake.


            Letter to Chiang_Treasurer_Brashear

            005IRS REVENUE Lack of JURISDICTION, DOA Do Not Consent LTR 2 ATTY .vA1

            - 72-HR DEMAND FOR DOA