We the Plaintiffs

Preserving our rights to home ownership

Because there are no regulation safeguards in place and UNTIL this site is declared AN IMPLEMENTED POLICY FOR NATIONAL DEFENSE - IT STANDS UNDER THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT
There is NOTHING in here that is NOT available as public information. Sorry but there are no more secrets left for "Trade" cause dese be da CODES & RULES. (And because your recommendations SUCK)
Exhibit 4- ABA US 26 code recomendaions to the IRS



Prayer for peace… because those who hope in me will not be disappointed.” (Isaiah 49:23, NIV). General Assembly resolution 217 A
In support of a complete overhaul of Title 31 USC 5330 or CFR 103.41 Title 18 USC 1960(a) & 5330 of Title 31 Chapter X United States because at the end of the day, all of this, is structured money laundering of our birth bonds…. (What SigTarp looks the other way upon) IRS Form 1099-OID, this is your right to reinstate because aggravation of the 26 U.S. Code to perpetuate these contracts fall under
§ 1250 property is subject to recapture rules with application to the cancellation of debt § 61(a)(1), like kind exchanges § 1.1031, wash sale provisions § 1.1091 timing devisees, conversion of income and attribution thereof to reconstitute value of these “bad bank” non performing assets. Backdoor of the Certificates of Live Birth accounts much. So good to know how many times we were traded even before we were born.

Bottom Line.. The Notices of Default issued upon thousands of Americans - DID NOT and DOES NOT qualify as lawful recapture of a mortgage (see IRC 26 US Code Sec 1250 and 1245 recapture rules and disallowance). We "THE PEOPLE" - you know, the ones you defrauded… hold the right to repurchase under "THE CODE" for ZERO and you know we know this. So what now? Keep picking us off one by one in this third world war you are planing.

It is the PEOPLE of this NATION whom hold beneficial interests in our Birth Bonds to which the Federalized Banking industry used our signature against to borrow money from investors in this mass tax avoidance scheme which in turn as bit your sorry Arse in the rear because we are refusing to eat this load of Marmite. Brexit much?

In coming to TERMS with what has taken place over the last two decades, I have been beaten, held at gun point had my family threatened injured and extended friends and family murdered, I have been threatened to be placed in jail, my daughter fostered and told to go let my husband die for a cancer deemed inoperable. I was terrorized and forced out of several the homes we owned none of which held a mortgage upon them. This time I documented it… These beatings and misuse of sherifs force were not because of anything I did… but because of what I know.

I have come to understand that Congress has in fact relinquished every public office over to the U.N. Local governments, all the way up to the president. I also understand that we are nothing more that a Cost of Funds Index for interstate commerce who's social security are being used as promissory notes in order to swap out the anteceded debts of our "Federal Agencies" which are in fact Privately run. And I know that the Federal Reserve is no more Federal than FedEx.

I have been denied legal representation, either by court order or by court gang bang, because B.A.R. is only be loyal to the B.A.R. and not the people. The IRS is not a U.S. Government Agency. It is an Agency of the IMF. (Diversified Metal Products v. IRS et al. CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.D.I., Public Law 94-564, Senate Report 94-1148 pg. 5967, Reorganization Plan No. 26, Public Law 102-391.) And the IMF is an Agency of the UN. (Blacks Law Dictionary 6th Ed. Pg. 816)

The U.S. Has not had a Treasury since 1921. (41 Stat. Ch.214 pg. 654) and the U.S. Treasury is now the IMF. (Presidential Documents Volume 29-No.4 pg. 113, 22 U.S.C. 285-288) All of which is being obscured to us ignorant folk down here just trying to live our lives, to which you view as nothing more than ants to contribute to these networks of lies you have built to keep up compliant.

The positioned UCL Foreclosure Act in the US as you are well aware, completely annihilates the constitution as we know it over here, (or used to believe it existed to placate the masses ). I also know that once that hits upon the sunset of the Homeowners Bill of Rights, it will over write the holder in due provisions across these lands. Meaning our 6th Amendment will be gone - we will never be allowed to know whom our accusers are nor will we be allowed to fight against them. We have already been designated as Blights within the Mortgage Electronic Registration System which is being run as a Member Enterprise Racketeering Scheme that violates the spirit of the IRS Codes. Thus returning us to taxation without representation. This is unacceptable and in violation of our Basic Human Rights as outlined in
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

A recall petition of this particular head justice whom is running a side REO business in his courtrooms via a mafia mentality, holds signatures from across the nation in protest of his actions.

In coming to terms with this, knowing that you are out there doing what you do, and knowing what is headed our way to block us from doing what we do… As a humble child of the Lord my God whom had her name legally changed to Faith- I am down on one knee with my hand upon my heart in a protest both heard and felt across this Nation.

I am under God above this Nation standing upon my name in the ultimate prayer for world peace. And as I #RAGEPEACE in the Jericho Walk on the wild side, supporting this appropriately named GRRR Act, I can only hope that you can see that what I am proposing not only is legally feasible under the currently laws as we know them, but that the economic benefits of such an act would be felt world wide.

I am in prayer for World Peace in order to bring forth a foundation under U.N. Agenda 21 for controlled growth management using Executive Order 12803 to transfer State Assets in such a manner in hopes that you will all realize that the hope We the People so desperately seek can only come together through FAITH. You wanted a sign - WELL YOU GOT ONE and it is embedded in that song I posted….. as for the message embedded within though vocal transpositions sung twixed harmonies, loosely translated it means…. STOP TICKING US OFF. It is meant to hold different meanings to everyone it touches and no matter what you try to decrypt it, you will never be able to BREAK DOWN FAITH. Faith is the ONLY thing that transitions through both religions and non-religions, as even atheist must have faith in themselves.

The newly founded “League of Fraudulently Dispossessed Homeowners” is growing and are being encouraged help others and themselves to file claim forms to City Charters/ Sheriff’s and BAR from across the nation..

Each league member to will be filing with the clerk of the board of supervisors for breach of peace against the Sheriffs/ Coroners with compliance restructure demands for conflicts of interest i.e. Can't be both a Coroner and a Sheriff to prevents the people from serving them that is called conflict of interest and it is obstruction.

Let This is notification that these Third party Grafts, bribes and payoffs in exchange for judicial favors will no longer be tolerated by the defrauded people of this Nation. And since you failed to kill me…

A Federal Claims for inverse condemnations including motion injunction against the league of charters for enabling this mess is being drafted, I promise this WILL go down in history as we intend to expose all these dirty deeds connected through these Y2K through July 8, 2015 SEC market glitches. These St. James Bonds will be called due by the disgruntled pass through Granters YOU enabled and the Federalized Baking Industry at large created. YOU WILL FIX THIS.

A Writ of Prohibition with these graft/bribe documented will hold an Amicus Curare which will hold something along these lines and will need refining and a Realtor. Since I worked directly for several to these Federalized Banking industry idiots - beta tested this system from hell in ignorance - I am an your ONLY original direct source left.

I am Proposing to pull these REMICS into a forced 303 Bk restructure designed to reverse engineer the system informally outlined for public awareness on FB (aka the premeditation of the mortgage crash in underlaying tax avoidance schemed using the SEC )- via a “SWAP IN” instead of a “SWAP OUT”

This online protest made as a Jericho March in faith also includes a letter to the bishop for messing with my Religious beliefs as a woman whom had her name legally changed to faith to honor the lord our God for violation of not only my human rights but my core spiritual beliefs.

If a forced back door buddy "swap in" of these terminated shell REMIC's acting as foreclosing entities swapped for deficit debts prior to a forced 303 restructure using the Diminutive of loss principle under the 16th Amendment for violating our 6th Amendment rights, so as long as we are at it, we restructure down the deficit while giving these "Federalized" industry idiots a write off to do it.

To simply put this… because these Federalized banking Industry idiots rigged the value of the worlds currency through this tax avoidance scheme under the ISDAfixed Index, the value of the worlds currency is not worth what it was in 1999 when they repealed certain portions of Glass Stegal via Grimm Leach Bailey that enabled this mess. So - in theory - historically documented on several other cases - this could be implemented here as a REALTOR on behalf of the USA... As Only a direct source could… see Bowers v. Kerbaugh-Empire Co. which led to Kirby vs US Lumber this can be done via a 1031 exchange of Government Debt in public interests in lue of these War Bonds you think you want us to buy into.

I believe through faith we can successfully navigate what I am proposing, as it could theoretically reduce the deficit by 2/3's the value of every REMIC pulled in. Also Meaning that because they manipulated world currency, they would have to pay a $ per $ for violation of the REMIC against the entire value of the REMIC - Thus if the SWAP-IN is reduce it by 2/3….. kills the Deficit debt owned by 2/3 and forces them to pay a 1/3 penalty for this tax avoidance by treason.

After REALTOR fees/ attorney fees are paid out, the rest can go to replenish towards the rapped Cal-Pers, and with the awards to the IRS, the Recovery Foundation could be launched as that missing line of ETHICAL defense that turns system blights back into HUMAN BEINGS in order to restore the dignity stolen from them for these sick pleasures. #TELA

I absolutely KNOW there is a better way for these back door buddy write offs swaps other than destroying peoples lives. (BTW This also means they get that 2/3 deficit forgiveness as a write off themselves without bankrupting them - so they lose nothing if done right and gain double the write off against the penalty imposed) #NOEXCUSES

The ONLY way to accomplish this is to set upon Neutral Grounds under a #PARLEY. Nevis is Saint James under Parliament, it falls in line with the SEC 8k Kennedy Claus in handling IRS disputes. So lets start there…

1- The members and managers of a Nevis foundation are private and there are no negative tax consequences when you transfer assets to a Nevis Foundation.
2- A judgment in the United States has to be re-litigated in Nevis to have the court issue charging order. A claimant has to post a bond in order to bring suit against you.
3- To date it appears that no Nevis court has relied upon a judgment from the United States.

Which also means this is true for the rest of this mess up world.

To achieve maximum protection a manager or successor manager outside of the US can be appointed, but ONLY to overview with NO direct input or control over the foundation. Thus the vatican… because they already have the whole world in their hands under GOD.

No court in the United States has jurisdiction over the foreign manager without substantial connections to the jurisdiction so the most that could be done is “ if” someone obtains a credit order through the courts, they would only have the "right to claim" profits or liquidation distributions due you from the foundation to which they could be counter sued. The operating agreement should require a unanimous vote to change the managing director but ONLY in the event of absolute necessity, lest this immorality runs ramped again.

The Nevis foundation will not have any adverse tax consequences for the IRS nor the country of Nevis as long as no business is conducted in Nevis. There are no need for meetings or requirements. The Government and Prime minister are always willing to discuss passports. I cannot imagine them holding any hesitation to such a proposel.

A VOLUNTARY irrevocable transfer of assets by a U.S. citizen to an offshore foundation does not have any adverse tax consequences otherwise associated with the transfer of assets to other offshore entities. A Nevis foundation can own assets in the United States, Nevis, or anywhere else in the world. Further the foundation can hold unlimited “Beneficiaries” whom can be re-assigned back to the disgruntled Pass through Grantor - AKA the “Fraudulently displaced homeowner” whom can take care of their properties themselves, thank you very much…

IRS Form 8832 to be a “disregarded entity” although domestic LLCs are “disregarded for tax purposes by default, this should be the same for the foundation as well. If a Nevis foundation “beneficiary” member has an existing “creditor", the Nevis foundation ordinances allow the member to transfer his or her assets to the foundation without it constituting a fraudulent conveyance as long as the debtor-member's interest is proportionate to the capital contributed. And since all these Federalized industry idiots are using contra accounting and depreciation allotments under secondary REMICS to depreciate an asset THEY DID NOT OWN, that transfer is ZERO. SURLY THAT.

Since these contracts were nothing more than a divestiture for the collateral obtained. This transfer is then a fair value exchange and expressly exempt from the Nevis fraudulent transfer statutes. Further Since there is still an issue of that carry back to re-consistute the value of these assets for a second depreciation write off. (Cause you tandem advanced the purchase on a carry back) The Government can inverse that condemnation via a donation through treaty of the firkin land YOU have been trying to undermine.

Interestingly, under Nevis law a mere promise of a future investment by an existing or future incoming “beneficiary” foundation member can also be used to measure this proportionality. - Ultimate asset protection through rehabilitation cause you all are drugged out on greed and power.

From here a novation through the Nevis foundation could be brought in as a government donation through treaty to create a new platform of performa designed for state funding to avoid Federal influence of these Federal Repos by substitution of our properties into the US Housing bond index while creating a storm break against the UCL Foreclosure Act to which the people are being set up for your stupid "TAKING". Which ultimately will move to Civil War cause We the People AINT Having it.

The Court would need to report in their IRS form -payee data record for their own internal CAL PERS restructure which should give motivation to everyone to participate in this including these Graft takers because all this means to them is a early and better retirement.

It is a way of restructuring the nation, without bankrupting it as a corporation. I believe the UN would allow for this, because it could be duplicated and implemented world wide as a show of "GOOD FAITH".

The Novation could be of like in a reverse HAMP based upon a new index under a recovery platform to which the beneficiaries would pay what would feel act and be treated much like a “mortgage payment” holding much of the same tax advantages - because "Foundation" which would be tax exempt because it would operate under a tax exempt structure (thus Vatican managed) delegated back to the states for the following types of programs including but not limited to—

Charter re-orginationations - trickled down for better structure and state managed law enforcement in lue of federal mandated law enforcement. (Cause not really diggen the totalitarian / communists moves of late)

Recovery next door programs such as apartment conversions to low income housing for Vets who served this Nation under the ruse "Land of the Free"

Restitution programs to qualify fraudulently displaced homeowners as foundation member “beneficiaries” into “abandoned properties” as part of a “rehabilitation initiative”

Growth Management programs - Eco Green developments using an AWAT or whole house waste management systems designed for low impact to the environment through grey water irrigation set ups to reduce water intake as beta tests into what used to be unbuildable areas under a green initiative for growth support and additional revenue streams for this stupid "system" that cannot govern itself, so yah - you will put those safeguards back…

In turn, since these are now generation removed - the government grant would be the donation of the “land” into the foundations for its usufruct use to reverse engineer these future value trades back into the nation to help heal what has been done to her. So that we can return to actual substance for substance contracts which do not involve world domination…

This is my ultimate prayer for peace through my Faith in the betterment of mankind. Lord Knows we need a BETTER choice for humanity at large..